Disabled Facilities

There should be provision on every site to include facilties for plotholders who have a disability or physical impairment. Generally speaking this includes those who are wheelchair-bound or suffer any sort of mobility problem.

Broadly, this means the provision of raised beds surrounded by a hard surface and located close to the sites car parking area. JALGA recommend that all sites should include these provisions as part of the overall site plan.

Additionally, such areas and facilities so provided should be of a standard that would satisfy health and safety issues with regard to construction of the raised beds themselves (height/width) and the suitablity of the surrounding hard surface for wheelchair use. For example, bark or granite chippings would NOT consitute a suitable surface.

Some financial assistance in developing an area for disabled plotholders is available. Please contact us for details.

JALGA is able to assist in the preparation of site plans and supplementary drawings detailing options and suitable construction materials for disabled facilities.

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