Fees & Subscriptions

Plot values will be determined by the agreed rental value of any particular piece of land, the insurance policy premium per person determined by the number of plots available on any given site and affliation fees. Plots themselves may vary in size.

Subscription Rental:

Total subscription rental will be made up of 3 components charged as a single annual sum:

1. The value of the plot occupied under the tenancy agreement expressed as the proportion of the total site rental value per sq. metre inclusive of any supplementary fees (eg: Occupier rates levied by the Parish of location) and/or any proportional cost of maintaining a shared plotholder facilities (eg: water supply) and Trust Contribution in order that it may continue to provide the benefits of membership, and cover the costs of general administration and expenses, such as maintaining this website

2. A proportion of the site insurance policy premium divided by the number of plots available on the site (but excluding any additional/optional cover).

3. ACGUK Affiliation fee

Membership of JALGA is still applicable in cases where a plotholder group are themselves the landlord.

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