Benefits to Landowners

Entrusting the development and ongoing management, if required, to JALGA, brings several benefits to landowners. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Rentals
JALGA aims to keep an up-to-date register of all potential plotholders island wide to ensure than any abandoned plot can be re-assigned quickly and there is a continuity of rental income. JALGA can also collect rentals on behalf of the landowner and pass on such sums due as a single payment. This saves the landowner time and resource in collecting individual amounts.

2. General assistance.
As outilined in the landowners topic index with regard to:
Site criteria
Rental values
Set up assistance
Planning issues
Site assessments

3. Cost reductions.
As well as those outlined in ‘set up assistance’, JALGA can arrange for ongoing maintenance of the site remaining under the responsibility of the landlord on a consolidated cost basis with other sites in JALGA management to deliver cost savings to the landowner. For example, this may include replenishment of hoggin and remedial boundary repairs.

4. Management control
JALGA aims to visit sites on a regular basis to ensure that plotholder standards are maintained and thereby avoid complaints and disputes. In the event of a dispute, whether between plotholders, a third party or the landowner, JALGA will takes whatever steps allowed under its constitution, or that of an affiliated plotholder group, in the role of a mediator, to resolve them.

5. Advice services
JALGA will keep an open dialogue with the appropriate States departments who may from time to time amend or introduce new laws and regulations and advise the landowner of what steps, where necessary, are required to be taken to meet compliance. JALGA will also provide advice on the management and care of a site to all landowners.

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