Planning Issues

To undertake the development of any site as an allotment will require a planning application.

For the avoidance of doubt, an allotment has been recently defined under planning guidelines in the States Strategic Review, which thereby grants consent to erect and maintain a shed and/or greenhouse (to a maximum footprint and height as determined by the Planning Authority) on an individual plot under a successful application. 

A site which does not propose to erect any structures at all may not require planning authority approval. However, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from the Planning Department who under their powers of jursidiction with regard to land, whether on the Agricultural Register or not, retain a legal right to oppose and reject any development that would constitute either a change of use or adversley impact on the environment or did not meet certain other criteria.

JALGA can provide advice and assist in planning matters relating to allotments.

Allotment News 

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