Jersey Allotments & Leisure Gardening Association


The objectives of the Association are:

1.1 To assist members in the pursuit of gardening as a means of recreation and promoting health, well-being, education and community fellowship as a sustainable way of life

1.2 To acquire land on lease or freehold to provide allotments for members and to let land so acquired to members of the Association (or other persons as may be decided by the Committee) for allotments

1.3 To actively co-operate with other groups and organisations to increase the provision of allotments and to improve standards and facilities

1.4 To promote good landlord/tenant relationships with the emphasis on tenant participation in decision taking

1.5 To represent the views of its members to other bodies and formulate and advise its members on allotment matters

1.6 To act as mediator in any dispute or disagreement with its membership

1.7 To administer the provision of any communal service or scheme on behalf of all members in respect of the acquisition of seeds, plants, equipment or machinery, or to organise events, shows, demonstrations or competitions where appropriate

1.8 It shall be an express object of the Association that no member or prospective member shall be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, age, marital status or sexual orientation in any rule, meeting or resolution of the Association or in furtherance of any power or object of the Association.

The full Constitution and Rules of the Association is available for download [pdf]. Please click here
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Les Creux Allotment Association
St. Lawrence Parish Allotments Association
Rue de Hugh Allotment Association (St. Helier)

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