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The landlord, whether a private landlord or a public authority, will be required to provide certain facilities and undertake specific responsibilities. These are limited but will include:

Site preparation: To provide a 'clean' site. That is to say that in the first instance measures will have have been taken to clear land of weeds particularly bramble, bracken and to provide a surface suitable for the marking out of plots prior to offering the site for rental.

Site Security: Provision and ongoing maintenance of boundary fencing or other anti-trespass measures appropriate to the site (unless responsibility is otherwise agreed with the plotholder association).

Access: Maintenance of access roadways and/or footpaths and areas of communal hardstanding that do not constitute part of the rented area (eg. off-site car parking).The landlord shall at all times provide and maintain full and unencumbered access to an allotment site

Water: A clean water supply (standing tap) The plotholder will be expected to provide and maintain all other facilities under the terms of their tenancy agreement. These are fully outlined in the Rules of Association.
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