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Jersey's Planning Department has largely adopted the majority of the site criteria as presented by the Working Party and may be used as a general guideline to obtaining consent. The success of an application to develop a piece of land as an allotment will therefore be determined by the following:

• Must not occupy prime agricultural or commercially valuable farming land;
• Have an accessible clean water supply (Personal Health & Safety, not for irrigation)
• Ease of access, particularly for the elderly and disabled
• Adequate security measures against vandalism and trespass
• 'Fit for purpose' access roadway and adequate parking
• Located close to an urban area or significant 'point of demand'
• Must not cause unnecessary increase in local road traffic
• Development must not significantly impinge on the visual landscape or adjacent community
• Provide soil of sufficient quality and depth for spade cultivation (min. 120mm/friable)
• Must be of adequate size to accommodate a 'demand minima' to ensure that the site is economically viable.

In addition, supplementary guidelines apply, which whilst largely the responsibility of the plotholder nonetheless fall to a landowner preparing a lease to ensure that the following are embodied in the tenancy agreement:

• No allotment site, or plot, may used for commercial purposes
• The keeping of livestock to be prohibited
• Standard individual plot size to be 150sq.m
• Structures which do not comply with planning consent may be NOT be erected, nor any other works undertaken without planning approval.
• All plot holders/plot holder groups to hold adequate and appropriate insurance*

*The landlord should also ensure that they hold an appropraite insurance to indemnify then against their liabilities in law relating to tenants.
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