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code of conduct

A code of conduct is embodied in a plotholder tenancy agreement. All plotholders will be expected to observe the rules of the site and Association and conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the agreement in which they have entered into.

The standard code of conduct as recognised by JALGA and the Allotments and Gardens Council UK is as follows:

1. Plotholders at all times shall conduct themeselves in a manner that does not impinge on other plotholders, or to their free and unhindered enjoyment of their plot, which include, but is not limited to the following:
(a) shall refrain from constructing any plant support or approved building in such a position that would cast shade upon a neighbouring plot
(b) shall not use chemicals, particularly herbicides, feeds or soil treatments of any kind in a manner, or under conditions, that are likely to cause contamination to neighbouring plots.
(c) shall not use motorised machinery, unless permitted by site rules.
(d) shall keep all children invited onto the site under proper control and supervision
(e) shall not use radios or any other equipment or device that emits and audible sound.
(f) shall not bring pets or any other animal onto the site at any time

2. Plotholders must observe any restrictions or conditions imposed by the laws of Jersey and/or by Jersey's Planning Department. These include, but are not limited to:
(i) shall not use any pesticide (or device) or fungicides or herbicides that are not approved by The States of Jersey Department of the Environment
(ii) shall not erect or construct any building on the plot that other than scheduled and expressly permitted by Jersey's Planning Department, which shall also include permitted materials and finishes.
(iii) shall not grow or cultivate any plant material that is either illegal or otherwise restricted and/or controlled by local regulations
(iv) shall not store on site any hazardous materials or items, nor any equipment that is not directly relevant to gardening.
(v) shall not light bonfies or dispose of any waste by means of burning

3. Lawful rights and actions
(i) no plotholder shall act in a manner that deprives or restricts a neighbouring plotholder of his/her legal rights as laid out in the tenancy agreement.
(ii) shall, in the matter of dispute, observe the complaints procedure embodied within their tenancy agreement, and;
(iii) shall not act in a provocative or threatening manner toward any other plotholder.
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